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State Bank Of India Recruitment 2012 Syllabus

After FCI, we are preparing for the SBI Recruitment 2012. I think the syllabus will be the same but I want to confirm the Mathematics syllabus. Can anyone tell me about the SBI recruitment 2012 syllabus?

Also suggest me some good reference books for SBI exam.

Reference Books for Bank Of India Recruitment

Hello friends…

My friend is a CA. He is preparing for the Bank Of India Recruitment. We are looking for some good books on pattern exam. I also need some mock test papers. It is good if you have previous year question paper. Please send me list of some good books on Bank Of India Recruitment.

CAS CORR PR CHQ Entry in My Passbook


I have a bank account in one of the leading banks in India. Today I visited in the bank’s branch for updating my bank passbook. I found that a entry having CAS CORR PR CHQ. I am not familiar with this entry. However I found that a amount of Rs7500 was debited from my account and the same was credited. I was confused. I asked with my bank officials about this entry and he told me that the check you dropped was not clear and came back with some errors. He then shown me scanned copies of my cheque and I found that signature was not matching. So this entry is for invalid cheque. Do you have any query related to CAS CORR PR CHQ?