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Uttarakhand Pichoda Online Booking – Buy Pichoda Online

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Mere mitro, as you know Pichoda is the royal cloth of Uttarkhandi women. There is no good function without a pichoda. It used in Janeu, Nam Karan, Sadi and numbers of other fuctions like Satya Narayan Katha etc. Pichoda is not available in some of the cities of India but our Uttarakhandi women live everywhere in India. So if you want to get pichoda at your home then you can book it online from this website. Just contact me using my email id and I will send through it courier.

Uttarakhand Pichoda Online Booking

Pichod is a one of the most popular clothes wear by Uttarakhandi women in any holy occasion like marriage, janeu ceremony, naming ceremony, katha or any other happy occasion. Pichoda is a just like a small saree mostly yellow in color. It gives a great look to the woman who carries the Pichod. Check out the images from where you can find women having Pichod.