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Social Work Action Report in IGNOU MSW Journal

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I am sure that you are enjoying the IGNOU MSW Journal. It is very interested to fill. This article is about the social work action report. In this section, you have to fill report about the social action done by you in the community. You can do rally, awareness, RTI related work in this section. It is important to do this activity as it is one of the essential parts in the social work.

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IGNOU MSW Dissertation Solution

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In the IGNOU MSW course, Dissertation is very important part. Writing Dissertation is a very long process and it required lots of time to think and manage the content.

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How to Fill the IGNOU MSW Journal – Sample Journal Filling

Here are the sample tips regarding how to fill the IGNOU MSW field work journal. In your field work journal, fill the field work report in the following pattern.

  1. Date of Visit
  2. NGO name
  3. Place of working
  4. Name of the supervisor
  5. Today’s Activities
  6. Main objectives of today’s activities
  7. Social Work Tools Used
  8. Next Day Plan
  9. Feedback of Supervisor

IGNOU MSW Second Year Project Report Journal Filling Work

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I am doing MSW from IGNOU. I have submitted my first year project report and now I am planning to prepare second year project report. But I am confused about the theme of project. In the first year, I worked on child development project and in the second year, I want to work on another project. Can anyone suggest me some good topics on second year project report that I can fill in second year journal.

IGNOU MSW Result Of December 2011

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I am doing IGNOU MSW. I appeared in the December 2011 exam of IGNOU MSW. Can you tell me when IGNOU MSW result will come? I have not got the numbers of the assignments.

MSW Second Year Assignment Download

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I am doing MSW from IGNOU. I have submitted my first year assignment. Now I want to submit my second year assignment. I have English medium. I live in Delhi. If anyone has MSW second year assignment of IGNOU, please contact me.

IGNOU MSW Filled Journal Online

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I am a student of the IGNOU MSW. I have completed my NGO project work. Now I am looking for journal filling guide. Is there any filled journal available? Or if any IGNOU MSW students can help me, please contact me on 9716980784.

IGNOU MSW Journal Filling Guide – How to Fill MSW Journal

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Greetings from Harish Chandra, a student of IGNOU MSW First Year.

I have completed my field work training at the Bal Sahyog NGO. I have got my certificate from the NGO. Now I have to fill the MSW journal for completing my project. I am looking for some guide about how to fill the IGNOU MSW journal guide. I am in the first year of IGNOU MSW study. I want to submit my project on time. If any IGNOU MSW student is reading this post, please guide about how to fill MSW journal for first year.