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Laptop with i7 Processor in Nehru Place Delhi

I am planning to upgrade my laptop. I have i3 processor in my Sony Vaio and now I am planning to buy new laptop with i7 processor. The old one will being to my brother. What do you think about the price of i7 processor equipped laptop in Nehru Place Delhi?

i7 Processor Price in Nehru Place

i need the price for i7 proccesor along with supported intel motherbord and also for 1.2TB SATA hd  and required RAM

 (I-7 /2600) S-1155  – The price is Rs15350

You can use GIGABYTE  A-75  motherboard. The price is Rs4650.

With DDR 3 4GB/KINGSTON RAM having price Rs 1190


sir let me know the cost of intel motherboard and 1TB SATA HD

price of 1TB SATA HDD is 4850


sir plz let me know the best motherbord price which suits for office use

ASUS/GIGABYTE 68 DDR 3 having price Rs 2190

DUAL CORE 3.0 (S-775) having price of 2890