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Google Adsense March Check

Hello friends…

It is the 7th of March 2012 and we do not receive our Google Adsense cheque yet. This time too much late. And also Blue Dart tracking is not working. It is very horrible condition. Now no expectation of getting cheque in this week. We will get the check next month because weekend and Holi festival is there.

How To Cash A Google Adsense Cheque India

Congratulations if you are going from paid by Google Adsense program. When I got my first cheque in my hand, I was so curious about where to deposit this check, where to cash my first Google adsense cheque.

Friends, there is no need to worry. Google Adsense Cheque is a normal check just like other local check. You need to drop it in your branch and the check will be clear in the 4-5 days. So treat your Google adsense check same as other cheque.

Happy blogging and enjoy the earning from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Cheque India February 2012

Hello friends…

Are you going to be paid in the month of February 2012 from Google Adsense? Are you waiting for the Google Adsense check? Me too waiting for my Google Adsense cheque of the month Feb.

How to Earn $10 Per Day with Google Adsense

Greetings from Harish Chandra

I am a search engine optimizer and the Google Adsense specialist. If you are not earning good amount from your Google Adsense, then I can help you. Learn about how to earn USD 10 per day.

Earning $10 from the Google Adsense program is very simple. You just need to work for 2-3 hours daily on your blog. Always write article on the high paying keywords. Use Google Adwords for getting more on high paying keywords. Some of the top paying keywords are hosting, cancer, finance, loan, credit card. Make good articles on these topics.

Be honest and never click on your site’s ads.

How to Earn USD1000 Per Month From Adsense?

Are you ready to earn $1000 per month? If yes, you are on the right page. With this article, I am telling some tips and tricks about how to earn USD1000 per month by doing simple blog posting.

First of all, you need to book a domain and a good web host. Your web hosting must be quality as your site must be remaining 24 hrs online. After that select your niche you want to write. Health, finance and web hosting topics are best for writing blog. Always use good health related topics for your blog posting. You need to write atleat 5 good quality articles for your blog. After that promote your blog using Facebook and other social media websites. Create as many facebook users you can create. Use Google Adwords for choosing your keywords.