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Golu Devta Wallpapers

Jai golu devta…sada raksha kariya..

Golu Devta

Golu Devta WallpapersGolu Devta has several names. He is known as God of Justice. In villages, you can hear their story from anybody’s mouth. Golu Devta sada nyay (justice) karenge…..

Jagiri also known as Jatar is used to calling for Golu Devta.Gvale Devta

I have visited Chamarkhan temple. This is very famous temple of Golu Devta. When I visited Chamarkhan Gvale mandir, I saw that numbers of people was there and some of them brought male goat (popularly known as Bakar in villages) for Golu devta.

There are numbers of other temples of Golu Devta in Uttarakhand. In my thought, either small or big Golu Devta mandir is located in all the villages of Uttarakhand in Kumaoun region.

Some other Golu Devta temples where I visited are

  1. Namla Goolu Devta
  2. Tarikhet Golu Devta
  3. Chamarkhan Golu Devta

Other popular temples of Golu Devta are

  1. Chana Golu
  2. Chital Golu at Almora

Jai Bala Goriya