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How to Boot / Format PC with External DVD Burner

HI guys

If you are planning to boot your PC with the help of external DVD burner, you are on the right page. With this article I am sharing my experience of doing the same.

Well, first of all you need to change bios setting. For changing bios setting, restart your PC and press F2 continuously. Now change the first boot priority to external hard drive. Then connect your external with your PC and put windows CD in the drive. Now restart again your PC by power button and press F11. The boot will begin. Press any key for continue.

How to Use an External DVD Burner on a Laptop

External DVD BurnerHello guys

As I told you that my laptop’s DVD burner is not working as its lens got defected. Today I talked to one of my friends who is a hardware and network engineer and he suggested me to use external DVD burner for formatting the laptop. I surprised when I heard about the external DVD burner. It is just like having a port of USB. You just need to fix it on your USB port. It will be shown on the MY Computer and then you can run CD/DVD on your computer.

The price of External DVD Burner will be around Rs2000.