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I have Luminous Inverter in my home. If you are planning to buy Luminous Inverter, I will suggest the price. The price of my Luminous Inverter set is Rs22000. It has 1 UPS and 2 batteries. There is 18 months warranty on the batteries and UPS. I bought the Luminous Inverter set from Sonia Vihar, Delhi.

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  1. pritam

    Welcome to the Inverter Delhi Inverter Delhi has been promoted by people with over 03 years Experience in the field of power habituation equipments. Present by enabling them to appreciate and address the customers with observe to their particular needs. He Company has its manufacturing facilities at Delhi and in service under the name of inverter Delhi. Luminous Power inverter Technologies is an Indian power and power Storage Company with a global presence,

  2. Swati Pathak

    Delhi Batteries has been one of the most prominent and leading distributor and importer of high quality branded batteries like Exide, Prestolite, Okaya, VRLA battery, value regulated lead acid batteries and many more. Used mainly for energy storage applications, we can ensure about the quality of batteries. Located and situated in Delhi, since several years we are providing batteries, along with repairing and maintenance facilities too.

  3. Kamna Chawla

    There are different types of batteries available such as:
    1.The Lead Acid Battery is made up of plates, lead, and lead oxide (various other elements are used to change density, hardness, porosity, etc.) with a 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water solution.
    2.The Tubular Plate Batteries are designed extremely strong and can withstand 1400 cycles of deep discharge at 80% discharge levels in its lifetime. All the plate grids in flat plates and the spines in the tubular plates are cast in automated high-pressure machine with maximum 2.5% antimony alloy.
    3.Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries, more commonly known as SMF. These batteries are fully sealed. SMF Batteries are highly recommended for Inverters. They are safe and maintenance free.


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